JMM Boys Cross Country

JMM Boys Cross Country

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Hadler Invite - Varsity = 3rd, JV = 1st

Full write up to come Sunday

Hadler JV Champions
Top 5 JV Finishers
Henry B (1st), Jacob W (4th), & Sam S (5th)

Top 15 Varsity Finishers
Dylan A (6th) & AJ K (15th)

Boys JV
Boys Varsity

Tuesday September 17th @ Janesville Parker
Grade Level Challenge @ Rockport Park - Janesville, WI
Early Release - 12:45 (only competing athletes will attend this meet)
Bus - 1:00
3:30 - First Race
4:10 - Boys Fr/So Race (2017 Results)
5:30 - Boys Jr/Sr Race (2017 Results)
6:00 - Awards (top 5 individuals in each grade level and first place team)
**We will NOT stop to eat...bring food or money for concessions stand**
Approximate return to JMM 7:30pm

Sept 16th (Mon) - Team Pictures 3:45pm - bring uniform top & bottom
Sept 25th (Wed) - Light of Life Walk 6:00 - 6:45pm (team event...cancer research fundraiser as a part of homecoming week festivities) ALL athletes will participate - $5 to Coach Casey....families are welcome to join - $5 at Mansfield Stadium

** Change of schedule for Midwest Invite races....more info to come soon (no Fr/So race....instead, 2 JV races split by time)
** PSAT testing for Memorial is the same day as Conference (10/19)....if you contact your counselor you can take the test instead on Wed at Middleton, East, or Edgewood but spots are limited....PLAN your counselor this week!
** Tuesday Reports must be completed to attend meet on Tuesday
** Take care of absences and stay ahead on school work (let your 5, 6, & 7 hours know you are missing Tues and get the work ahead of time)

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Verona Invitational - Varsity = 8th, JV = 3rd

The 2019 season kicked off at the Verona Invitational as the Madison Memorial Spartans took on some of the best competition from the area, the conference, and the state. Middleton (#1), Madison West (#4), Verona (#10), Madison LaFollette (#14), & Sun Prairie (#19) were all in attendance. This meeting is a measuring stick for our team and an opportunity to see what work remains ahead of us this season. We have seven weeks to put in the work to cut down the distance between us and Verona/Sun Prairie in varsity and Middleton/West in JV. I know our team can do it and we look forward to racing this competition throughout the year.

Top 5 JV Finishers - Jake Z & Bobby R
JV was led on the day by Jake Z (2nd) and Bobby R (4th) who both ran PRs for their top 5 performances. Our pack was spread out to big today to be competitive with Middleton and West. We can race better than we did today and look to cut that 1 - 5 gap down to 30 seconds by running as a pack more in future races. Jacob W earned a medal with his 16th place finish and Sam S and Nick B rounded out our scoring 5. Frosh Jack G ran a PR in 19:26 and was followed by Charles ML in 19:27. Other PRs in the JV race were set by Sean S, Alec H, Diego A, Elliot I, Max L, Thomas L, Owen R, Derek R, Alex T, Gio B, Noah D, Elijah E, Devin S, Alvaro S, Nicholas S, Logan S, and Will T. As this group continues to improve each meet will become easier and will continue to lead to more PRs. Keep up the good work in practice and away from the sport to lead to big things.
Top 35 Varsity Finishers - Brett N, Dylan A, & AJ K
AJ was also the top frosh performer
Our varsity got out to good positions in the first lap but stalled out a bit on the second lap. As we continue to do our work at practice that second half of the race will come and we will accomplish big things. We had three runners earn medals with their top 40 performances. Dylan A (17:22) led the way as he was followed by Brett N who ran a PR. AJ K also ran a PR and earned top freshman honors at the meet. Cole W finished in 17:58 as our 4th runner. While Mick S led Avery G and Henry B across the finish line all within a second of each other. Our gap from 1 - 5 is too large and needs to be under :45 in varsity. Also, we need to get a couple guys under 17:00 and put our whole varsity under 18:00. Next year's group should take a look at what LaF/West/Midd did today as they started the season with 5 runners capable of going under 17:20...that is the kind of team that can win state by the end of the year. This year, we will chase the likes of Verona, Sun Prairie, and Monona Grove. I firmly believe we can compete and beat these teams but it will take marked improvement across the board. 

We head back to work this week with a full week of school and training. Take care of business in the classroom. Get plenty of sleep. Come ready to practice at your best every day. I'm excited about what lies ahead for JMM Boys CC this year!

Boys Varsity
Boys JV

Saturday September 14th
Hadler Invitational (Menomonee Falls) @ Rotary Park
Bus - 6:30am
9:45am - First Race
10:20am - Boys JV (2018 Results)
11:30am - Boys Varsity (2018 Results)
12:00pm - Awards (varsity - top 15 individuals & team, JV - top 5 individuals)
***Bring $$ to eat....we will stop to eat on the way home***
Approximate return to JMM is 3:30pm

Sept 8th - Ironman Volunteering - Lot 60 (optional) 12 - 4pm or 4 - 8pm
Sept 16th - Team Pictures - 3:45pm (bring your uniform top & bottom)

- Get ahead on your school work...don't let grades or attendance become an issue
- Take care of your bodies...SLEEP, stretch, hydrate, eat well
- Coach Casey has a limited number of JMM CC bucket hats available for $25...bring $ to practice

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Intrasquad - The CORE Wins

Intrasquad is the beginning of the race season for cross country and if Saturday is any indication, 2019 should be a fun and productive season. The season is off to a great start with 55 guys working hard to become their best at running 5,000 meters. We have been putting in the miles, will continue to develop our speed, and work at getting stronger. If we take care of our bodies there are big things to be had by this team at both varsity and JV as we get to the end of October and championship season. Intrasquad is step one and today was a great leap forward. Our mantra is...Stay healthy and keep improving. Every runner, every run, every day!

In the team competition we learned the importance of every runner and every point counts. The 3 teams were separated by 6 points and in an Intrasquad first...we had a TIE for 1st Place. The CORE and Warhawks scored 354 points each...using the tiebreaker (college rules) The CORE pulled off the victory. The Thundercats were only 6 points back with 360. It was fun to see guys competing each step of way and next week we get to do it against someone from another team.

In the individual competition, Dylan led the way with the seventh fastest time run at Intrasquad with a 17:10. Our next pack included Brett N, Cole W, and AJ K running between 17:42 - 17:47. AJ ran the fastest time by a freshman at Intrasquad. Avery G rounded out the top 5 in 18:15. Our gap of 1 - 5 was at :55 today which is a good place to start the year and we will see if we can get it closer as the season goes on. Mick S and Henry B earned varsity spots in 6th and 7th. Sam S and Henry B battled to the finish for the last spot of varsity. Our varsity is currently made up of 2 seniors, 2 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshman...that is fun to see! A continued healthy competition for varsity is going to make our varsity and JV really strong this season. It was exciting to see 13 guys under 19:00 and everyone under 28:00. Jack G made it onto our top frosh list also with his 19:41 being the 7th best frosh on this course.

School begins this week...GET SOME SLEEP! Also, get off to a good start in the classroom so we can have a successful fall. Practices go to 3:45 - 6:15pm for the remainder of the season and we finally get to go compete against other school. We are excited about the season...take care of yourself. Sleep, hydrate, eat well, stretch, & Sleep.

2019 Results & Stats (use tabs)

Clothing Order - LAST CHANCE (closes Mon Sept 2)
Sept 2nd - Captain's Practice - UW-Arboretum (visitors center) 8am - 9:15am
Sept 3rd - School starts - practice 3:45 - 6:15pm

Saturday September 7th
Verona Invitational - Verona HS
NO BUS - Arrive 7:30am (remember to arrive early)
8:30 - Middle School Race
9:40 - Boys Varsity (2018 Results)
11:00 - Boys JV (2018 Results)
11:40 - Open Race (sign up at concessions)
12:40 - Awards - Varsity = 2 teams & 40 individuals, JV = 30 individuals
** Reminder NO BUS...but ALL athletes need to stay until after the final race and cool down are completed before they leave with parents (around 12:00)**

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Week 2 - Time to Get Better

August 26th (Mon)               8:00am  JMM (optional)          4:00pm – 6:15pm JMM
August 27th (Tues)              8:00am  JMM (optional)                  4:00pm – 6:15pm JMM
August 28th (Wed)               8:00am  JMM (optional)                  4:00pm – 6:15pm JMM
August 29th (Thurs)             8:00am  JMM (optional)                  4:00pm – 6:15pm JMM
August 30th (Fri)                  8:00am  JMM (optional)                  4:00pm – 6:15pm JMM
August 31st (Sat)                 7:30am - Intrasquad (more info HERE) Athletes arrive at 6:30am

September 2nd (Mon)          No School - Captain’s Practice  8:00am - 9:15am – UW Arboretum (meet at visitors center)       

Spartan Cards
** ALL Spartan Cards & collected money should be turned in at practice on Monday 8/26...Athletes who sold 15 or more cards should attend the awards ceremony in the cafeteria Mon 8/26 @ 6:30pm

Good start to the season! It is important to remember we want to build off of each day of practice with consistency in our running. This occurs when we stay healthy and take care of our bodies. Make sure you are developing good habits in stretching, eating, fluid intake, and sleeping. The work we do over the next month will determine how successful the season will be for each individual. We look forward to our first 5k of the season on Saturday at Elver Park for our annual Intrasquad/Alumni 5k.

- Bring a water bottle to practice to rehydrate after runs
- Bring a lock to put on a locker...then bring extra dry clothes to keep in locker
- Please arrive early/on time to practice so we can BEGIN at 4pm
- EVERYONE needs a watch!!!!!!

Order JMM Cross Country Clothing
(click on above link to order)
Orders must be submitted by Monday 9/2